Friday, May 7, 2010

cutie pie!

Abbigail is 7 months, How did that happen?

So I'm not the best blogger, But here is the latest new on the family

Abbigail turned 7 months today, It felt like just yesterday we were celebrating her 6 month birthday. Is it just me or does time seem to go by faster once you have a baby? The days are so short sometimes they run together lol!
Well Abbi is Moving and Grooving! She started army crawling at around 4.5 months and now she is legit crawling. Its Adorable! Now since she is crawling, she just started pulling herself up to her feet on every ledge she can reach like laundry baskets,us, and the couches. She even pulls up on Molly,, which ends in molly getting up and Abbi rolling off, oops! That reminds it is so crazy to experience Abbi becoming accident prone the more mobile and independent she becomes. She's a tough chick though =). With every month Abbi is growing, Ryan and I find ourselves more and more in love with our little angle. She has developed such a sassy personality and sense of humor!

So mothers day is coming up! I was pregnant last mothers day, I felt like a mom then the best i could with a little monster in my belly, but this mothers day I can really understand and appreciate how wonderful it is to be mom! I'm so excited!

Abbi has also Cut Teeth! Her bottom front teeth, she loves to feel them with her fingers. I've tried to take a picture but she's pretty shy about photographing her little chompers.

Well that's the new on our growing baby girl!
until next month!

Friday, March 26, 2010

We Love You Brownie

WE adopted Brownie last summer and were so happy to add her to our family. Especially Molly Mae she loved having a sister and playmate. We call brownie the cat dog because for a Basset She is very graceful and agile. She would tight walk the back of our sofas, stretch her self from the sofa to the back of our office chairs pulling our chairs back just say whats up, and she could sneak and reach anything from off the counter. We put gates up in the kitchen to keep Molly in t while potty training her and our plan was to do the same with Brownie. When we brought her home we put her in the kitchen. Ryan and I decided to watch a movie. I looked over to the kitchen to see how the pups were doing and brownie was outside of the gate exploring the house. We didn't even hear her escape.
Brownie is also a smarty pant she could unravel a bone in minutes and figure out how to open a variety of different things to get what she wanted. We had to buy a doggy diaper for her because she would get excited or startled and pee everywhere. She hated that diaper and tried to get it off. She couldn't get her mouth around the straps well enough so she resorted to plan B. While she was wear wearing the diaper she would stick her bum right in molly's face almost sitting on her to get Molly interested in the diaper, like one of their toys. When Molly saw how fun the diaper was she would tug on it to release the Velcro Straps and before we knew it the diaper was off and brownie was prancing around the yard with her diaper in her mouth. Imagine Houdini parading around after escaping a straight jacket. That's our Brownie!

Brownie is one of those dog that preferred Praise over treats! She is the most affectionate dog. Brownie would sit right on your lap or climb under the covers to cuddle. She is a very tender hearted animal and doesn't do well with rejection. While visiting Grandma's house Brownie (remember her as the cat-dog she is overly curious) decided to check out Aunt Kerstin's Kitty, Wiggie. Wiggie is a big beautiful orange cat who does not like to be bothered unless you have his permission, especially when your a goofy dog. Brownie got up right in his Cat grill and Wiggie was like "oh no you didn't", and swiped Brownie with his paw! Brownie came running from the other room howling and sliding all over the tile.

Brownie was a great companion to the family. She Demanded a lot of attention which was so hard to give her with a new little baby and Molly. Ryan and I felt that she would do better in a home were she would be the one and only dog and get all of the attention. We posted a classified for her online. She was Adopted Sunday March 21 by a wonderful Family. They recently called us to let us know she was doing well and that they love her so much already. I never thought I could love and miss a dog as much as I miss Brownie. She was my furry baby and there was never a dull moment around when she was here. I am so happy that she has a new family that can love her to pieces. We sure loved her, especially Molly. We have kept Molly by our side and in our bed, lol. After Brownie left Molly started to cry at the door and ran to the front windows trying to see where her sister was going. We went over to Grandma's house afterward and Molly went right outside sniffing around like she was looking for something we think it was Brownie. The adjustment is hard and it's tough not to get emotional thinking about her. She is a great dog and we hope to visit her soon! It will be a happy reunion.

You see in the photos she is very photogenic! Brownie looks right at the camera!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Being a mommy is so wonderful! I enjoy each day with my little angel. Even when she's all drool-ee!

First Cute Bandaid!

Abbi Got a little boo boo on her Finger = )
On the bright side she got a cute Band-aid!

Havin' fun with Abbs

Ryan,Abbi, and I playing on the floor! LOTS of giggles from all three of us!
I weighed Abbi today and she is a whopping 14 lbs, Double her birth weight!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Is anybody there?

Is Anybody there?
What a great movie! I laughed so hard and cried too! I love this movie and I would totally recommend it to anyone!!!
Oh oh and there are sweet old school magic tricks!
(if you have netflicks it's on instant play)